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19 May 2020


The Business Economics Group of Wageningen University and its partners are conducting research on farmers opinions on innovation, the environment and soil quality as well as microbial (i.e. bacteria, micro algae and fungi) applications to crops. Specifically, this survey studies the willingness to adopt microbial applications on arable farms producing wheat or other cereals, potatoes and/or tomatoes in the Netherlands, Germany, Italy and Finland.

You can watch this informative video which explains what microbial applications are, along with their potential benefits here.

Or watch the translated here:

Finland: here 
Germany: here
Italy:  here
the Netherlands: here


With this survey the researchers involved want to find out what are the drivers and barriers for farmers in the uptake of innovations in general and microbial applications in specific. Microbial applications potentially support soil quality, plant growth and health and improve nutritional quality of crops. Thereby they are able to foster the transition towards a more sustainable food system.

The survey only takes 15 minutes, and your responses are completely anonymous and confidential. Please click on one of the following links to proceed to the survey in the language of your choice

Dutch  here
English  here
Finnish  here
German  here
Italian  here


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