Il Suolo è Vivo (The Soil is Alive) – Webinar

02 Dec 2021 |


The Power of the Soil Microbiome
Vincenzo Michele Sellitto, Faculty of Agriculture – Banat University Of Agricultural Sciences And Veterinary Medicine Timisoara

Bespoke organisms: the innovations of genetics to support agriculture
Mauro Mandrioli, Department of Life Sciences, University of Modena and Reggio Emilia

The microbiome of soil and plants: the holobiont at the service of primary production
Annamaria Bevivino, Head of Laboratory for AgriFood Sustainability, Quality and Safety, ENEA

Soil Study and Knowledge For agriculture 4.0
Bonfante Antonello, Senior Researcher in Hydropedology at National Research Council of Italy (CNR) – ISAFOM

Integrated microbiological strategies for agriculture 4.0: pre-, pro, post-biotic
Eligio Malusa, National Institute of Horticultural Research, Skierniewice (PL)

Soil4Life Project – Soil is Life
Fabio Raccosta, Head of Business Service CIA – Italian Farmers

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