The SIMBA Second Consortium Meeting

01 Jul 2019

The SIMBA Consortium gathered in Wageningen University and Research, the Netherlands for the partnerships’ second face-to-face meeting on the June 25th – 26th. It provided an opportunity for partners to provide updates on work carried out to date, and also to share plans for the next year.

On the first day, partners met at the Orion Building in WUR, where Work Package leaders gave presentations highlighting the progress made to date and the partnerships responded with questions, comments, queries and suggestions on the activities presented.

After the General Assembly, the first day’s meeting concluded with a networking and social dinner at Eetcafé H41.

The second day saw the final work package updates. On top of this, there was an opportunity for meeting of the Steering Committee, Scientific Advisory Board, and the Innovation Management Board. It was a very successful meeting that left the partnership excited about what is coming up for the project.

Thanks to our partners from WUR for organising!