SIMBA has four accompanying projects, which are funded by Horizon 2020 as Innovation Actions between 2018 – 2023. MicrobiomeSupport is one SIMBA’s sister projects.

MicrobiomeSupport has the overall objective to establish an international network of experts and stakeholders in the field of microbiome food system research, and advance the applicability and impact of microbiomes from various environments such as terrestrial, plant, aquatic, food and human/animal on the food system. MicrobiomeSupport will follow the food system approach and integrate actors and experts from all areas in circular economy of food.

Norwegian Culture Collection of Algae (NORCCA)

The Norwegian Culture Collection of Algae (NORCCA) contains a collection of 1727 alage strains. NORCCA offers access to algal strains and growth media for use in education research, innovation and business.

Nordic Center of Excellence on Bioeconomy (NordAqua)

NordAqua is a five year (2017-2022) Nordic Centre of Excellence (NCoE) funded by NordForsk through the Nordic Bioeconomy Programme. It is made up of a hub of 10 Nordic universities and research institutes, along with industrial and societal partners. The consortium gathers together world-leading Nordic scientists who are experts in microbiology, photosynthesis, synthetic biology, industrial biotechnology, medical sciences, water management, environmental research and entrepreneurship. The resultant hub enhances cross border Nordic collaborations within the sustainable blue bioeconomy. NCoE will put particular emphasis on training and on increasing both societal and political awareness of the feasibility of bio-based economy.


The Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke) is the project coordinator of SIMBA. Luke promotes Bioeconomy and sustainable use of natural resources, with four specific areas of focus: 1 Blue Bioeconomy; Boreal Green Bioeconomy; Innovative food system; BioSociety.