Presentation at Microbiology 2019 Congress

24 Jun 2019

Poster presentation at Microbiology 2019 Congress #SIMGBM

Last week our Work Package 2 partners from ENEA took part in the Microbiology 2019 Congress, which took place in Florence Italy.

The title of the poster was “Design, formulation and optimization of plant growth-promoting microbes (PGPMs) for their use as microbial consortia inoculants”. It highlighted the aim of their present work within the SIMBA Project as identifying the most promising microbial formulations to be applied as bioinoculants in Italy and Germany on the crops wheat, maize, potato and tomato. It also highlighted some of the results so far!

Below you can see  some pictures of the poster and the event, including WP2 leader Annamaria Bevivino and project partner Silvia Tabacchioni.

Thanks to Ombretta Presenti (ENEA) for sharing the pictures!