SIMBA Key Achievements Booklet

31 Oct 2023

Over the last five years, SIMBA partners have been working hard to develop innovative microbiome solutions to increase food security, nutrition, and help address key societal challenges. As the project comes to a close, the consortium has published a booklet capturing some of its key achievements.

The main aim of SIMBA was to use innovative, microbial-based solutions to tackle the growing challenge of supplying food to meet global population demands within a changing climate. Now more than ever, we need to utilise innovative ideas to promote sustainable food production, and microbiomes can offer a possible alternative to intensive and unsustainable agriculture practices. Focusing on crop production and aquaculture, SIMBA partners worked to:

  • Get a better understanding of microbiome structures and functions, related to land and sea related food chains;
  • Verify the sustainability of microbial innovationsof the food systems as a whole;
  • Create a better EU Agro-Aqua-Food system thatis resource efficient, climate resilient, sustainableand consumer centred;
  • Improve the overall knowledge of microbiomefrom land and sea towards the market needs in
  • areas where applicability and readiness is not yet visible;
  • Bring new and cost-effective commercial applications to the market that assist different stages and processes throughout the food chain by 2025

The SIMBA Key Achievements Booklet contains some of the key achievements and outcomes from the project and can be downloaded here.